UPDATE: April 15th – Due to COVID-19 Health Physics Society Board of Directors’ decided that the annual meeting planned for July 2020 should be cancelled.

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Here is an update from the HPS President Eric Goldin:

“By now, you should be aware that the Health Physics Society (HPS) Board voted to cancel the annual meeting in July. The website noted this, although we did have to wait for an official Board vote (can’t be done by phone until we change some Rules). The result was the development of a survey (thanks to Secretary Sandy Perle) that sought the sense of the membership—will folks prefer a delayed meeting (December was selected because that’s when the hotel was available) or a virtual meeting (something many similar societies are pursuing right now) or a complete cancellation until 25–29 July 2021 when we will meet in Phoenix as planned. That survey yielded interesting results (interesting again!) and the Board will work on figuring out a game plan very soon.”