New Scintillation Gamma Radiation Probe BDKG-05S with high energy resolution ScintiClear detector core

BDKG-05S Scintillation Gamma Radiation Probe includes SC-38.1×38.1 (ScintiClear Ø1.5”x1.5”) detector assembly with LED temperature stabilization, digital MCA, and RS232/RS485/USB communication interface.

BDKG-05S offers about 3% energy resolution at 662 keV and can be used as part of stationary and mobile equipment and robotic devices.

High energy resolution in the entire energy range from 20 keV to multiple MeV and state-of-the-art electronics make it possible to quickly identify complex mixtures of gamma emitting radionuclides.

Each radiation detection unit offered by Zievert undergoes a wide range of laboratory tests and calibration routines to ensure high quality metrological and performance characteristics.

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BDKG-05S Scintillation Gamma Radiation Probe