High-precision X-ray, gamma, beta, and neutron instrument calibration facility

There are many manufacturers of professional radiation detection equipment all over the World. Only a few of them can say that all their instruments are routinely calibrated on a certified metrological set-up. Here at Zievert we are not only saying that, but we can guarantee the accuracy of the dose rate and dose readings for every single instrument we sell. Each instrument from the simplest pocket dosimeter to a sophisticated backpack radiation detector or portal monitor is supplied with individual calibration certificate.

All the instruments and radiation detectors sold by Zievert are calibrated by highly professional staff with decades of experience in metrology and radiation detection instrumentation. Our metrological set-ups are designed and built for precision, safety, automation, and simplicity to use.  Tenths of this set-ups have been installed in multiple countries and recognized by the authorities as calibration facilities meeting local standards and regulations.

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