AT6101CE – Backpack Radiation Detector (BRD) with high energy resolution scintillation detector

Backpack Radiation Detector (BRD) is designed for inconspicuous search, detection, and automatic identification of weak and heavily shielded radiation sources.

A unique combination of high sensitivity plastic scintillation probe with a high energy resolution ScintiClear (SrI2:Eu) gamma radiation detector makes AT6101CE an excellent choice for consequences management, customs and border patrol, public safety, and anti-terrorism applications.

Automatic GPS-referencing of radiological data makes AT6101CE an effective tool for radiation contamination monitoring of large areas, routes, industrial sites, and buildings.

AT6101CE builds its hardware and software architecture and customer-proven design on success of AT6101C BRDs used all over the World for the last 15 years.

Main features:
– Reliable identification of complex radionuclide mixtures with SrI2(Eu) scintillator (3% energy resolution at 662keV)
– 20 hours of continuous operation time
– Rugged Android or Windows handheld (4.7″ or 6″) for control and indication
– Automatic gamma and neutron radiation search, detection, and identification
– Continuous recording of scanning data with GPS-referencing for further analysis
– “GARM” software for further data processing and analysis

More details are available on:
AT6101CE Backpack